Oct 21 2016

Blue Stilton | Whole Wheel

This is a beautiful whole wheel of Blue Stilton – 2.5kg in total.

Universally recognised as the King of Cheeses, this traditional English Blue Stilton is smooth and boasts an awesome full bodied flavour.

There are only six dairies that are allowed to make Stilton. In order to carry the name, the cheese must be made in the counties of Derbyshire, Leicestershire or Nottinghamshire from local milk which is pasteurized before it has been used.

It also must be made in the traditional cylindrical shape that gives Stilton the formation of its own crust or coat.

Oct 18 2016

Cheese Slates (Small & Large)

If you are a cheese lover, then we have found the ideal way to serve it – we’ve totally fallen in love with these chunky cheese slates.

They look great, they have a great weight to them and we are sure that you would prefer them laden with delicious cheeses.

Oct 15 2016

Port and Stilton | Christmas Selections

Hello cheese fans, we have here the biggest selection of stilton online in the UK. We have partnered with a mass of retailers to bring you this selection to help you find the stilton you like.

Whether you are after:

– Ham
– Port
– Claret
– A scoop

We have them – as long as you want them with Stilton.

Oct 12 2016

Conical Cheese Grater | Legnoart

Legnoart Conical Cheese Grater. These Italian designers come from Omegna, a small city in the north west, near the amazing Orta lake. They were formed in 1946, and since them that have grown to become one of the most prominent Italian companies in the area of ‘designed’ objects for the kitchen.

This Cheese Grater has the following features:

  • Designed by Antonio Cos
  • It has a triple function blade
  • Made with stainless steel and solid European beech wood
  • They have a removable handle and come with a wooden utility bowl

  • Oct 9 2016

    Cheese Wire

    This superb looking cheese wire should make serving your favourite cheese a much simpler and tidier job than ever before.

    All men will love this great cheese gift as it qualifies as a fundamentally useful yet cool “gadget”!

    No one would argue that one of these is essential to every house, but you may well wonder how you managed without, and it will certainly impress at the most stylish dinner party get togethers.

    This is made from stainless steel and beautifully packaged in a luxury giftbox complete with one spare wire, we think that this is one of the best products that we’ve used to cut cheese with!

    Oct 6 2016

    Munster AOC | Jacques Hennart

    This cheese does smell – it is certainly true – but you must not let that put you off. Munster is a sweet and savoury, simply wonderful tasting cheese which as a long spicy taste.

    The tradition in Alsace is to eat ‘Munster au Cumin’ which is Munster, obviously, served with boiled potatoes, cumin seeds and a glass of wine. It is an unpasteurised, washed rind cheese that is rubbed constantly in brine for 2 to 3 months to give its rind a distinct rich orange colour.

    This AOC cheese imported by Jacques Hennart is made in the Vosges mountains in Alsace.

    Oct 3 2016

    Goats Cheese | Alex James | Farleigh Wallop


    Farleigh Wallop is one of the great masterpieces from the Evenlode Partnership – which consists of cheese officianado Juliet Harbutt and Alex James of (Blur fame)

    Farleigh Wallop is a wonderful goat cheese that is made in complete 115g rounds. It tastes fresh and clean and it has the slightest taste of thyme from the sprig that is pressed into the top of it.

    It is reasonably firm with a delicate and subtle flavour.

    What’s it taste like? Farleigh Wallop is more subtle than its washed cousin, Little Wallop, with a gentler, less obtrusive aroma. A sprig of Thyme rounds off its refined rustique look. No wonder it was voted Best Goat Cheese at 2008 British Cheese Awards.

    Where’s it from? It is produced by the masters at White Lake Cheeses in Bagborough, Somerset which is a short distance from the Glastonbury festival site.

    Here is a brief video about why Alex James went into cheese making:

    Sep 30 2016

    Cheese Tasting Gift Box

    This selection of this awesome cheese tasting cheese gift box is designed to be the best introduction to artisan cheeses from the UK and France.

    This smaller selection box is designed to allow new cheese lovers to dip their toes in the water.

    The selection includes:
    Banon AOC – a classic from Provence wrapped in chestnut leaves
    Farleigh Wallop – a beautifully clean and creamy goat’s cheese with a hint of thyme
    A wedge of Westcombe Cheddar – a premium Somerset Artisan Cheddar
    Cotswolds Blue Brie – an organic and dreamy blue-veined cheese

    Sep 27 2016

    The Bigger Cheese Hamper

    This is another truly great present for the cheese connoisseur or lover in your life!

    It comes with three wonderful accompaniments and four mini knives that have a benchmark Pigalle Café Red – best served slightly chilled – and then it almost jumps from the glass.

    This hamper comes in a superb graphite gift box that is lined in black shred together with a quotation postcard and your message handwritten on a mini tag.

    This cheese hamper includes:

  • Lesc Rouge Vins de Pays du Gers
  • Natural Crackers
  • Lime & Chilli Puree
  • Poachers Pickle
  • Mini Cheese Knives – Box Set of 4
  • ‘Cheese’ Quotation Postcard
  • Handwritten Mini Gift Tag

  • Sep 23 2016

    Camembert Calvados | AOC Normandy

    This cheese is absolutely divine. Camembert Calvados is made by a superior Camembert de Normandie AOC having its rind gently scraped off and then it is dipped in Calvados – the famous French Apple Brandy – and a layer of breadcrumbs which then seals the flavour in.

    The inside of the cheese is plump and golden yellow and the rind is creamy white. This Camembert is ”AOC Normandy” labeled, which ensures you are buying a cheese of premium quality.