Nov 7 2017

Cheese Gifts | Camembert Presents

If you are looking for a gift for some one who loves cheese then this pair of unique Camembert branded items is sure to hit the spot!

Platter and Knife

This is a natural companion for cheese and fresh fruit. This porcelain platter feature a replica of a distinctive vintage Camembert label. Presented in a gift box.

Set Of Four Plates

These colourful plates are natural companions for cheese and fresh fruit. The porcelain plates feature replicas of four distinctive vintage Camembert labels. Presented in a gift box.

Oct 26 2017

Cheese Board and Dome

This Nostrano Cheese Board comes with a Glass Lid

These guys at Legnoart really have some high ideas – this is what they stand for “The love for beautiful things, the knowledge of the functional and technical aspects of the product, the belief that domestic life is an individual space to conquer so that freedom of choice can truly nourish, in short, the determination to empower an authentic life style, unconditioned and untainted by consumerism, is the mission and goal of Legnoart.”

Make sense? We don’t think so either – however what we do know is that this is one smart looking cheese board and dome. It looks great and is sure to help show off your cheese in a way that cheese deserves!

Sep 10 2017

Cheese Slates (Small & Large)

If you are a cheese lover, then we have found the ideal way to serve it – we’ve totally fallen in love with these chunky cheese slates.

They look great, they have a great weight to them and we are sure that you would prefer them laden with delicious cheeses.