Apr 25 2017

Black-Eyed Susan | Brie

It’s not often a cheese is produced that is completely unique and utterly different from everything else, however Black-Eyed Susan is such a cheese.

The combination of peppercorns and jersey milk brie style cheese is totally amazing and the taste unexpected. One taste is enough to make this your new favourite ever cheese.

A richly creamy version of the ‘Goldilocks’ soft cheese that has been rolled in crushed peppercorns to produce this gorgeous crunchy textured and spicy tasting cheese from Somerset.

Organic pasteurised Jersey milk, by Godminster Vintage in Bruton, Somerset with milk from their own herd which is used and results in a delicious golden creamy cheese.

Oh, and it is named after a type of daisy! Black-Eyed Susan is a wrapped 150g circular whole cheese.

Apr 22 2017

Cheese Hamper | Selection Box | Chefs Selection

Indulge yourself or the cheese lover you love!

If you are looking for a Christmas Cheese Present or Gift and you thought you loved cheese before then this will turn you into a cheese freak like we are.

This hamper will keep you in the finest cheeses month in month out, with a new one being sent to you regularly.

You can buy this as a one off or order each month’s different selection for 3, 6 or 12 months.

If you would like them at irregular intervals you can specify that in the checkout e.g. 3 months but over the whole year (every 4 months).

The cheeses chosen each month are designed to work alongside each other on a board therefore usually a soft, a blue, a hard and a washed rind or semi-soft or goat’s. Each box comes complete with tasting notes for each cheese.

Apr 19 2017

Cheese Tasting Gift Box

This selection of this awesome cheese tasting cheese gift box is designed to be the best introduction to artisan cheeses from the UK and France.

This smaller selection box is designed to allow new cheese lovers to dip their toes in the water.

The selection includes:
Banon AOC – a classic from Provence wrapped in chestnut leaves
Farleigh Wallop – a beautifully clean and creamy goat’s cheese with a hint of thyme
A wedge of Westcombe Cheddar – a premium Somerset Artisan Cheddar
Cotswolds Blue Brie – an organic and dreamy blue-veined cheese

Apr 16 2017

Port and Stilton | Christmas Selections

Hello cheese fans, we have here the biggest selection of stilton online in the UK. We have partnered with a mass of retailers to bring you this selection to help you find the stilton you like.

Whether you are after:

– Ham
– Port
– Claret
– A scoop

We have them – as long as you want them with Stilton.

Apr 13 2017

Cornish Yarg Truckle

Yarg is such an really tasty cheese but its hard to not focus on its looks but it really has a great taste as well: very creamy and zesty.

This delicious hard cheese from Cornwall is deliciously creamy under the rind and slightly crumbly in the core.

It has a young, fresh, slightly tangy taste and is made by hand in open round vats.

The cheese is wrapped in nettle leaves picked wild from neighbouring properties and frozen for use throughout the year. The leaves are carefully brushed onto the cheese in a traditional pattern and they attract wonderful natural occurring moulds of various colours, which help the cheese ripen.

As the cheese matures, the (edible) nettles give the cheese a mild slightly mushroomy taste.

The final product has an attractive, lacy pattern of leaves in blue and green, giving the finished cheese a wonderful appearance.

This cheese is made by the Gray family (get it? Yarg is Gray backwards!!) at their Lynher Dairies cheese dairy.

Apr 10 2017

Celtic Promise

Celtic Promise has a mystical name and while some think that it has crafted by fairies and elves in the forests of West Wales because this is such a truly magical cheese!

To get the creamy flavour and texture, Celtic Promise has been washed twice a week for seven weeks. This wonderful cheese has a sticky orange rind, a great pungent smell and a soft and rich full flavour. The cheese is wrapped to help protect its great washed orange rind.

Made by John Savage of Teifi Farmhouse Cheese in Ceredigion, Wales. This is a 500g piece of cheese, it’s unpasteurised and suitable for vegetarians.

Apr 7 2017

Parmesan Cheese Holder

Like the Marks and Spencers advert says, this is not just any Parmesan Cheese Holder – this is from the Alessi collection.

It truly is a remarkable item – it comes with a stainless steel with a mirror polished finish.

You will be proud to put this on your dinner table for any tasty pasta dinner, pizza or salad. You’ll be able to add this modern Italian design classic to your table and hold your parmesan grated cheese! It was designed by Ettore Sottsass in 1978.

Apr 4 2017

Cheese Biscuit Selection | Fudges

A fabulous selection of the best that Fudges biscuits has to offer – all ideal with cheese, whether it is for a quick nibble or to finish off the perfect dinner party.

There are four biscuits in this cheese selection pack:

  • Round Rosemary Biscuits are ideal for goat’s cheese, the creamiest brie, your favourite sour cream and chive dips together with olives>/li>
  • Oat Crackers are great with your favourite local, mature farmhouse Cheddar, a sweet onion marmalade, a coarse pate or chunky salsa dips.
  • Malted Wheat Biscuits are great with your number one Blue Cheese together with chutney, figs, walnuts and hazelnuts.
  • Harvester Seeded Half Flatbreads are perfect with the creamiest, warmed, melting Camembert and fresh, crisp and crunchy celery.
  • A bit about Fudges…

    The team at Fudges are very lucky – they are able to spend most of their time doing what they love and enjoy – making some of the best foodie treats around!

    Fudges was founded by Percy Fudge in 1926 and make the best, award winning savoury and sweet biscuits, delicious luxury cakes and indulgent treats to suit today’s tastes.

    Apr 1 2017

    Cheese Nibbles Selection | Edinburgh Preserves

    Cheese nibbles – these guaranteed to satisfy those cheese lovers! A selection of luxury cheese biscuits containing mature cheddar, honey and mustard, pesto and parmesan.

    The team at Edinburgh Preserves hold a Gold Medal in the Great Taste Awards which is one of the best accolade any food can achieve.

    Established since 1995, Edinburgh Preserves was set up with a philosophy for making country kitchen style preserves using only the best ingredients.

    Due to a sharp rise in popularity they have since developed many new recipes to add to the range and now boast a substantial award winning list of Preserves, Chutneys, Pickles, Mustards, Sauces, Jellies, Marmalades, Honeys, Dessert Sauces and Curds.

    Their ethos is to make these using only the best ingredients and cooking in small batches to maintain the taste of the ingredients and quality of the product.

    Mar 29 2017

    Cheese Books

    We have a great selection of books about cheese.

    There is no other comprehensive list of books around!