Jun 26 2017

Coulommier Mature AOC | Brie

Coulommier has been described as the mother of all Bries. However this description is not correct in as much as it is a Brie, but more that it is the ancestor of all Brie cheeses – it is the original Brie!

It is smaller and thicker than most Bries and has a more buttery colour and taste with a hint of almonds. It is made in the Brie region by Jacques Hennart. This comes as a wrapped 500g circular whole cheese in a wooden case.

Jun 23 2017

Cheese Wire

This superb looking cheese wire should make serving your favourite cheese a much simpler and tidier job than ever before.

All men will love this great cheese gift as it qualifies as a fundamentally useful yet cool “gadget”!

No one would argue that one of these is essential to every house, but you may well wonder how you managed without, and it will certainly impress at the most stylish dinner party get togethers.

This is made from stainless steel and beautifully packaged in a luxury giftbox complete with one spare wire, we think that this is one of the best products that we’ve used to cut cheese with!

Jun 19 2017

6 Fresh Figs


Fresh Figs Online

If you like luscious plump fresh figs then we have then – the perfect accompanyment for the discerning cheese diner. These little rascals are delicious eaten on their own, chopped into a salad, served alongside cooked meats and are absolutely fantastic with chees. A sweet treat.

Jun 16 2017

Cheese Board and Dome

This Nostrano Cheese Board comes with a Glass Lid

These guys at Legnoart really have some high ideas – this is what they stand for “The love for beautiful things, the knowledge of the functional and technical aspects of the product, the belief that domestic life is an individual space to conquer so that freedom of choice can truly nourish, in short, the determination to empower an authentic life style, unconditioned and untainted by consumerism, is the mission and goal of Legnoart.”

Make sense? We don’t think so either – however what we do know is that this is one smart looking cheese board and dome. It looks great and is sure to help show off your cheese in a way that cheese deserves!

Jun 13 2017

Conical Cheese Grater | Legnoart

Legnoart Conical Cheese Grater. These Italian designers come from Omegna, a small city in the north west, near the amazing Orta lake. They were formed in 1946, and since them that have grown to become one of the most prominent Italian companies in the area of ‘designed’ objects for the kitchen.

This Cheese Grater has the following features:

  • Designed by Antonio Cos
  • It has a triple function blade
  • Made with stainless steel and solid European beech wood
  • They have a removable handle and come with a wooden utility bowl

  • Jun 10 2017

    Crottin de Chavignol | Goats Cheese

    For those of us who love goat’s cheese this is a wonderful version – the Crottin de Chavignol is not to be missed.

    This is the single most famous cheese from the Loire valley, it has a nutty taste that strengthens when the cheese matures. It is delicious grilled as part of a chevre salad and it also makes a really great starter.

    The wonderful balance of sweetness and sourness combine to make a classic goat’s cheese that will not disappoint.

    Jun 7 2017

    Cheddar Wedge | Westcombe Dairy

    Westcombe Dairy is one of the most important Cheddar producing dairies in the whole World. They manufacture an exceptional mature cheese from heart of Somerset. This is an artisan mature farmhouse cheddar made using traditional methods. The cheese is clothbound which gives it a fantastic earthy taste.

    This is really good and full of rural influence! Totally hand-made and bursting with flavours.

    Where’s it from? This is made by The Westcombe Dairy in Evercreech, Somerset. They tracked down respected professional cheese maker Bob Bramley who they head hunted from another cheddar business and a new era began at Westcombe Dairy.

    With his help they have become devoted to traditional cheddar making. ‘Each cheese is a work of art,’ Tom enthuses, ‘The funny thing is there isn’t really a secret recipe. Making cheese is like making wine; everyday is a new vintage!’

    Jun 4 2017

    Cheese Slicer

    A tough cheese slicer will be a big help in the kitchen.

    This KitchenAid range of tools and utensils have been developed with the enthusiastic home cook in mind. If you are passionate about cooking, eating and entertaining at home, you will love them!

    KitchenAid started in 1919 and in the 90 years since, they have built an entire kitchen of cooking and cleaning products around the same quality of craftmenship, versatile technology and timeless style.

    Through it all, the secret to KitchenAids success has alwasy been it’s loyal customers. So heres to 90 years in the kitchen making meals, memories and milestones – and to some tasty sliced cheese!

    Jun 1 2017

    Munster AOC | Jacques Hennart

    This cheese does smell – it is certainly true – but you must not let that put you off. Munster is a sweet and savoury, simply wonderful tasting cheese which as a long spicy taste.

    The tradition in Alsace is to eat ‘Munster au Cumin’ which is Munster, obviously, served with boiled potatoes, cumin seeds and a glass of wine. It is an unpasteurised, washed rind cheese that is rubbed constantly in brine for 2 to 3 months to give its rind a distinct rich orange colour.

    This AOC cheese imported by Jacques Hennart is made in the Vosges mountains in Alsace.

    May 29 2017

    Cheese Grater with Black Cellar

    This is a great value, low cost but designer cheese grater, made by a chap called Bahia Blanca. They have made this fantastic grater with cheese cellar that has been made of thermoplastic resin, black and steel mirror polished.

    He is a designer and decorator. He collaborated with the famous Alchimia studio and with another designer chap called Gregotti Associati who was teacher at the European Design Institute and at Domus Academy. He has worked for such companies as Alacta, Perani, Mimo and Red-Zanussi.