Oct 1 2017

Cheese Grater with Black Cellar

This is a great value, low cost but designer cheese grater, made by a chap called Bahia Blanca. They have made this fantastic grater with cheese cellar that has been made of thermoplastic resin, black and steel mirror polished.

He is a designer and decorator. He collaborated with the famous Alchimia studio and with another designer chap called Gregotti Associati who was teacher at the European Design Institute and at Domus Academy. He has worked for such companies as Alacta, Perani, Mimo and Red-Zanussi.

Sep 28 2017

Conical Cheese Grater | Legnoart

Legnoart Conical Cheese Grater. These Italian designers come from Omegna, a small city in the north west, near the amazing Orta lake. They were formed in 1946, and since them that have grown to become one of the most prominent Italian companies in the area of ‘designed’ objects for the kitchen.

This Cheese Grater has the following features:

  • Designed by Antonio Cos
  • It has a triple function blade
  • Made with stainless steel and solid European beech wood
  • They have a removable handle and come with a wooden utility bowl